To advance knowledge, policy, and practice of urban disaster risk reduction, focusing on megacities and fast-growing metropolises

20 Years of Innovation

With over two decades of experience, we have pioneered the development of effective scientific approaches and analytical tools for Climate and Disaster Risk Management (CDRM). We have worked in some of the most complex cities in the world, to understand risks and define major investments in CDRM that have improved livelihoods, protected lives, upgraded infrastructure, and enhanced the capacity of communities and institutions in managing risks while living in a more productive and safer environment. Our science-based participatory solutions have yielded a legacy of progress and achievements in CDRM and resilience globally.

Through partnerships with public and private institutions,

We have designed Urban Resilience Master Plans for major cities (Mumbai, Dhaka, Pasig, Quezon City, Kathmandu, Makati, etc.) and has a global experience in establishing a roadmap for competency and effectiveness in Emergency Management Performance Standards.

Updating of Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment For Quezon City

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Manila, Philippines

Building Pasig City's Resilience to Disasters and Emergencies

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Dar es Salaam port

Strengthening Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity of Tanzania

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Climate and Disaster Resilience

Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment

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Geo-spatial Exposure Database

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Risk Profile and Atlas

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Web-based Knowledge Sharing Platform

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Managing Complex Emergencies

Integrated Emergency Management System

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SOPs / Emergency Operations Plan

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Group of Security Data Center Operators at Work

Training Exercises and Drills (TED) for Emergency Response

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Public Service Continuity Plan / Contingency Plan

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To promote knowledge sharing in urban disaster risk reduction, we offer capacity building programs that range from face-to-face, blended or purely online training. These are designed to facilitate both instructor-guided and peer to peer learning and discussion , in order to improve the skills and competencies of DRM professionals, city leaders, researchers, and other key stakeholders in different aspects of DRR.

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Latest News

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December 2022

EMI, in partnership with Quezon City Government completed the Quezon City Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA).

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December 2021

Pasig City and EMI developed tools and products to build the city's resilience to emergencies and disasters.

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November 2021

Together with the World Bank, EMI provided technical assistance to strengthen emergency preparedness and response capacity of Tanzania at the national and local levels.

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