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Words into Action Guidelines – Implementation Guide for Local Authorities
Theme(s): Capacity Building, Disaster Risk Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Urban Resilience
Type(s): Guidebook
Author(s): Fouad Bendimerad

This Pocket Guide responds to the challenge of finding effective methodologies and tools to implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (SFDRR) at the local level. It aims to provide local authorities (LAs) with practical how-to approaches on implementing core recommendations and actions of the SFDRR.

The main intended audience is local policy makers and practitioners in developing and emerging countries. However, the general concepts and methods are generic to urban disaster risk reduction (DRR) and can inform practitioners on how to develop realistic, practical, and efficient DRR solutions grounded in the SFDRR for safer and more resilient cities.

The main author of the Guide is Dr. Eng. Fouad Bendimerad, Chairman and Executive Director of EMI, with inputs from members of the international DRR community. The development of this publication was supported by UNISDR and University College London.

Download it here.

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