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Bangladesh Urban Resilience Project
March 2014 - June 2015
Location: Bangladesh
Sponsored by: Government of Bangladesh, World Bank South Asia Group

The Bangladesh Urban Earthquake Resilience Project (BUERP) is a multi-phase initiative of the World Bank in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh.The objective of the project is to develop a comprehensive approach to managing urban earthquake risk. This phase of the project focused on developing the core elements for an earthquake disaster risk management master plan for Dhaka, anchored on the following:

  1. An in-depth understanding of the earthquake hazard,
    vulnerability and risk to Dhaka;
  2. Facilitating knowledge and data sharing through a web-based platform;
  3. Understanding legal and institutional arrangements in DRR;
  4. Making land use planning risk-sensitive; and
  5. Increasing awareness and competency of stakeholders on DRR.

The project adopted a participatory approach, whereby a broad representation of stakeholders provided input, opinions, and validation of findings outcomes and recommendations.

Phase 2

Building on the outputs of Phase 1, Phase 2 provides the opportunity to put in place an initial investment plan to build the country’s capacity in DRR. It engages the stakeholders to determine the appropriate mechanisms for DRR investment. Phase 2 focuses on three (3) activities that were identified as a priority in Phase 1:

  1. Further clarify the LIA for DRR and in particular, for Emergency Management (EM) and infrastructure development;
  2. Operationalize the EM system in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh; and
  3. Operationalize the Geospatial Open Data Sharing Platform (GEODASH).

These activities will further determine the components and procedures for all initial investments in DRR in the country.

Project Activities

  • Six (6) Field Investigations
  • Workshops, consultations, validation meetings
  • Three (3) trainings on Emergency Management
  • Training on GEODASH

The Project is expected to complete the following deliverables:

  1. BUERP Project Management Structure Report. Project Organization Structure, Tasks, Deliverables, Timeline and Performance Mechanisms, including documented agreements
  2. Project component design for the BUERP Investment Program. Initial institutional arrangements for enabling implementation the $100M investment program
  3. Final agreed upon implementation arrangements for the BURP. National and city level roles and responsibilities for DRM. These arrangements will draw from analysis and presentation of LIA on DRM and on urban land and physical development processes performed during Phase 1.
  4. Technical tender documentation for the BUERP. Technical specifications and ToR for goods/equipment, services, and capacity building programs that will be financed under the BUERP.
  5. GEODASH Platform. Operationalization of GEODASH with agreed protocols for management, operations, maintenance, and update. Uploading of data developed in the Dhaka EQ Risk Profile; Training of trainors on GEODASH.
  6. Final Report. Updated reports produced incorporating the validation outcomes, including proposed future work and investments.
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