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Urban Resilience Practices
EMI has 15 years of experience in the disaster risk management and urban resilience practice earning recognition from the international community. EMI’s structured participatory process reinforces ownership and risk-based policy and programming that are aligned with international standards of practice.

Science-based disaster risk management planning anchored on the concept of mainstreaming that enables investment in urban

Hazards, Vulnerability, Capacity and Risk Assessment is a critical, scientific process that serves as the foundation for every component of the Disaster Risk Management planning and programming.

Legal and institutional arrangements is an important first step towards mainstreaming disaster risk management in local processes, functions, and services.

Beyond response, an effective emergency management system stays as the core for reducing risk, protecting human and physical assets, and building institutional resilience.

In order to be effective, land use options and development plans should integrate disaster risk reduction.

Indicators systems combining physical risks, social risks, and social and economic coping capacity are used to provide objectives for benchmarking and monitoring.

Sectoral urban resilience ensures the continuity of critical infrastructure and utility systems.

A financial mechanism for disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response to cover state and private sector assets.

Our experiences have proven that intended audiences need to be informed to understand hazards, vulnerability, and risks so that they can be more effective in communicating the message of disaster risk reduction.

Building individual and institutional capacities to support the shift from a reactive, disaster response orientation to a proactive approach to disaster risk management.

Utilizing GIS technology to manage and spatially display exposure and hazards, vulnerability, capacity and risk assessment data and to incorporate its use in urban disaster risk management and planning
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