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Monday, November 21st, 2016
Atlas is now Disaster Alert

1 November 2016 – This is the interface of the new web-accessible Disaster Alert, displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards, Rainfall Accumulation, and Day/Night Indicator.

Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) announces the launch of Disaster Alert for the web!  Innovation never stops!

Following the huge success of Disaster Alert as a free-download iOS and Android mobile app for the public, we have now streamlined our web-accessed application, the Global Hazards Atlas, to create a new and highly improved DisasterAlert. The features and benefits are tremendous, including:

  • Mobile and desktop access from any web browser;
  • Your favorite map and layer features optimized for touch;
  • Improved, streamlined, and simplified data layers and time-series animation;
  • The ability to save bookmarks as files—no user account required;
  • Improved language support; and
  • Much more…

The new web-accessible Disaster Alert is based on the latest DisasterAWARE™ Quantum technology, for easy cross-device access.  Quantum technology will soon be incorporated into the upcoming versions of iOS- and Android-specific versions of the Disaster Alert mobile app, fully optimized for the specific platforms.

This article was originally published on PDC  News and Media. Read the original article..

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