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Tuesday, July 4th, 2017
Philippine Public Safety College hosts CDRMR pilot launch

EMI held the pilot launch of the Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management and Resilience online course (CDRMR) last May 29, 2017 with 21 students from the Master in Crisis and Disaster Risk Management program of the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) serving as course participants. The PPSC is the premier educational institution for the training, human resource development and continuing education for all personnel of the police, fire and jail bureaus of the Philippines.

During the 1-week pilot run, the participants from the PPSC completed the first of four CDRMR modules. The introductory module of the course provided them with an overview of worldwide trends in disaster risk management and covers the basic concepts and parameters of risk, including hazard, exposure and vulnerability. It also explained the process of risk assessment, and described the practical applications of risk assessment outputs.

The participants’ coursework included developing city/organizational profiles, viewing interactive presentations, reviewing supplementary readings and case studies, and participating in discussion forums. Their final requirement for the pilot course was to develop a paper that: (1) lists the major disasters experienced by their localities, (2) describes the prevailing disaster risk management (DRM) framework, and (3) provides recommendations on addressing issues in the DRM framework.

For EMI, the pilot launch allowed the Course Support Team to test the online course platform and check its compatibility with various devices, as well as the ease of navigation through the platform. It also provided a venue to collect feedback from the course participants on the relevance of the topics and the presentation of course content.  

The development of the CDRMR online course was supported by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery.  It is the first in a series of ten (10) courses offered by EMI under its Natural Disaster Risk Management Program (NDRMP). The other nine specialized courses in the NDRMP focus on various topics such as, Community-Based Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change and Disaster Risk, Damage and Reconstruction Needs Assessment, Earthquake Risk Reduction, Financial Strategies for Managing the Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters, Gender Aspects of Disaster Recovery and Rehabilitation, Risk Analysis, Risk-sensitive Land Use Planning and Safe Cities.



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