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Our Mission

To advance knowledge, policy, and practice of urban disaster risk reduction, particularly focusing on megacities and fast-growing metropolises.

EMI is an international scientific organization started in 1998 and established as a not-for-profit NGO in the Philippines in 2003. Over the years, our team of engineers, GIS specialists, and planners implemented projects and contributed to policies in  key areas of disaster risk management practice.

Our 15 years of experience engagement in various disaster risk management and urban resilience practice accords us a distinct recognition from the international community. We employ a structured participatory process which reinforces ownership and a risk-based policy and programming aligned with international standards.

Over the years, we have gained a high level of competence in the following key areas of disaster risk management practice.

EMI is a champion of the UNISDR Making Cities Resilient Campaign and an active member of the UN Global Platform for Disaster Reduction since its inception in 1995.




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