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Friday, May 16th, 2014
EMI Beirut mission

Upon invitation from the Municipality of Beirut, Lebanon, EMI Chairman and Executive Director Dr. Fouad Bendimerad undertook a working mission on April 28 to May 2, 2014. The mission was a partnership with GEM (Global Earthquake Forum), ETH-Zurich, Switzerland and Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI) of Turkey. The objective of the mission was to undertake consultations and meetings with various government agencies and other stakeholders to define the context and parameters for an eventual project to complete an Urban Resilience Master Plan for Beirut under the auspices of the Municipality.

The delegation of experts from the consortium of institutions held workshops, meetings and strategic planning discussions with the leadership of Beirut Municipality and the City Council. The consultations included: a) a high-level stakeholders workshop with policy makers representing various ministries and agencies of the government; b) a workshop with the members of the National Crisis and Disaster Response Management Committee; and c) a workshop with the scientific and professional representatives. During these workshops, Dr. Bendimerad presented the concepts and the elements of the master planning process and experience from other cities around the World. He elaborated on the benefits of the master planning process to Beirut and to the Country and the requirements for successful outcomes. Other members of the Consortium presented GEM experience and the underlying risk assessment science and methodology that could be applied in Beirut to support the development of the Urban Resilience Master Plan for Beirut.

The members of the mission filed their report with the Mayor of Beirut to provide their findings and recommendations. The report is intended to support the decision-making process within the Government of Lebanon to ensure that the most favourable conditions are put in place to eventually undertake this important project.

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