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Thursday, June 25th, 2015
Creating an Enabling Environment for Investment in Urban Resilience

A workshop co-organized by EMI, the World Bank and Stanford University will be organized around the theme: Creating an Enabling Environment for Investment in Urban Resilience and will be held on June Yang & Yamazaki Energy & Environment (Y2E2) Building – Room 299 on the Stanford Campus. The focus will be on presenting both analytical approaches and actual experiences in Engineering, Environment, and Socio-Economics that can inform strategic interventions of the World Bank MENA Region Topics included in the workshop revolve around advances in engineering methods, changing mindsets through partnerships, increasing resilience through ecosystem-based solutions, and smart cities.

EMI will present the Urban Resilience Master Plan it developed for Dhaka, Bangladesh. This Master Plan sets an example to draw on when designing the Beirut Urban Resilience Master Plan, which the World Bank is helping in launching in September 2015.

A team of about 20 Stanford faculty and researcher from the School of Engineering, the School of Earth Sciences and the Business School will be participating. EMI will be represented by Dr. Fouad Bendimerad (Chairman and Excecutive Director), Mr. Bob Reitherman (Trustee) and Anne Siders (EMI Research Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford University).

Session Leader: Fouad Bendimerad, Ph.D., P.E.
Chairman and Executive Director, EMI

Workshop Program

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