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Internship & Fellowship


Our Global Internship and Fellowship program accepts bachelor’s degree students in their final year and those enrolled in master’s or doctorate programs. EMI offers hands-on experience in urban risk reduction.

Interns are involved in key urban risk reduction practices such as emergency management, risk sensitive land use planning, risk governance and policy, slums shelter and housing resilience, social participation and protection, vulnerability and risk assessment, knowledge management, GIS (geographic information systems), and capacity building.

The Global Internship and Fellowship Program enriches the learning experience of graduating students through engagements in different projects. Through this process, interns will get the chance to contribute to development of tools, conduct assessments, provide inputs to reports, write proposals, do field work, and interact with other scientists, experts, practitioners, and local officials. EMI is a laboratory for testing assumptions, exchanging knowledge, and developing practical solutions and products that address the risks faced by complex cities and metropolises around the world. EMI provides a unique experience with its dynamic and young staff as well as its global network of experts.

Past interns include master’s students from Kobe University (Japan), International University of Catalunya (Spain), SciencesPo (France), and Stanford University, (USA).

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