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Information, Education and Communication Campaigns

We support national and city governments by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can fulfill their mandates as technical resources and focal points for standard messages and materials on disaster awareness. A key objective of our information, education, and communication campaign (IEC) interventions is to ensure that local officials and city managers understand the hazards, vulnerabilities and risks that their cities face so that they can be more effective in communicating DRM messages to the communities they serve.


Our approach is anchored on the process of communication-based assessment. This Methodology uses desktop research, surveys, key informant interviews, and focus group discussions to identify the communication needs of various stakeholders and target audiences. It  helps determine IEC objectives and appropriate communication strategies and channels for disseminating messages.

The IEC campaigns we develop help our partner cities by:

  • Fostering a culture of open discussion, knowledge dissemination and risk communication based on scientific findings and practical knowledge;
  • Providing a platform to encourage the participation of stakeholders, open scientific debate, knowledge and information sharing;
  • Facilitating dialogue and consensus building between scientists, practitioners and the general public on disaster risks in Dhaka;
  • Disseminating risk information through appropriate channels such as online, print and mass media;
  • Providing hazard information to users of information such as the academe, training providers, media outlets, and other key organizations and individual; and
  • Fostering partnerships with other organizations to support IEC activities.

Examples of our work include:


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