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ICT-GIS for Risk Management

Any science-based analysis, e.g. HVRA, and planning should be founded on sound data. Information communication technology (ICT) – Geographic information system (GIS) supports data requirements for every component of the Urban Resilience Master Plan. Realizing the importance of data, we work with different cities in collecting, evaluating, structuring, and sharing the multitude of data needed for urban disaster risk management and planning.


Our team of experts advances data quality and information sharing by utilizing the four (4) major functions of GIS namely geographic data management, data compilation and editing, geographic analysis, and mapping and visualization. Our technical experts help cities and organizations apply these GIS functions to DRM projects to generate high quality GIS data and information, develop applications and methodologies, and create products that are easily accessible and understandable to stakeholders involved.

Some of the practical applications of ICT-GIS are cited below:

  • ICT-GIS programs identify the data sources and gaps needed to develop data standards and data management plan.
  • ICT-GIS programs provide a compendium of data and information required to perform DRM functions through the development of a Disaster Risk Geospatial Database.
  • ICT-GIS supports risk assessments by integrating a set of risk indicators in its data processing and analysis phases.
  • ICT-GIS programs translate technical information into maps and documents (City Profile and Risk Atlas) that are straight forward and easy-to-understand. It also enables the creation of different disaster scenario models for planning, training, and educational purposes.
  • An ICT-GIS Road Map improves GIS infrastructure and support protocols for disaster data sharing between a local authority’s departments and with other (external) organizations.


Quality data and information is a necessity for a local authority to understand its risks and capacity to come up with informed and feasible plans, programs, and activities. In order to effectively utilize these data and information, ICT-GIS also ensures that the right infrastructure is in place for efficient data utilization and sharing.




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