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Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
URGENT HIRING ( For Philippine Residents Only ) : Knowledge Management and Dissemination – Disaster Risk Management Specialist


Position Title:   Knowledge Management and Dissemination ( Disaster Risk Management Specialist

Category: Technical Manager 1

Terms: Full-time ,  Permanent, Exclusive Engagement ( with six months probation )

Location: Quezon City, Philippines ( with occasional travel abroad )

Classification: Position 4 Level 2

Reports to: Technical Director

Position Summary

This position is defined for a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Specialist with technical management responsibility (TM1), and with particular functional responsibility over EMI’s Knowledge Development and Dissemination (KDD) Department.  KDD has three broad functional areas:  1) Knowledge Development; 2) Training; and (3) Program Development. The Manager will have authority and responsibility over all KDD functions. The latter include fostering partnerships, building EMI’s brand, and developing expressions of interest and proposals.  Secondary to these core activities is direct support of EMI’s projects.  In conformity with EMI’s matrix (i.e., integrated) management approach, and to provide the opportunity for hands-on learning of EMI’s core urban DRM competencies, the job assignments also include acting as project coordinator or project manager for specific externally funded projects, as well as to serve as subject matter expert in projects within the candidate’s areas of expertise and competence.

Work entails both technical and managerial responsibilities over EMI’s highly complex set of projects, as well as establishing and maintaining productive relationships with partners and sponsors worldwide.  This is one of the top technical managerial positions in the organization and involves all aspects of research, planning, development, promotion, implementation, and evaluation of KDD activities with the goal to maintain and enhance the organization’s leadership position in urban and megacities disaster risk management.  Specific duties and responsibilities are provided below.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. KDD Functional Duties and Responsibilities:Overall responsibility to lead and manage the strategic planning, performance, delivery of technical requirements and deliverables of the KDD Dept. The specific responsibilities include:
  • Plan and manage the Knowledge Management, Training and Program Development activities.
  • Become fully versed on and knowledgeable of the global context of urban and megacities DRR and resilience, its driving issues and parameters, current trends, needs and gaps, opportunities, changing conditions, and strategic directions;
  • Develop, track and implement a strategic plan for each of the core KDD functions with the goal of maintaining and enhancing EMI’s global leadership position in urban and megacities DRR, improve its visibility and contribution (i.e., “branding of EMI”), and enhance organizational sustainability;
  • Provide technical competence and quality management over training strategy and its implementation, knowledge and promotional products, partnerships and promotional strategy. Identify opportunities for new training and knowledge management products and services.
  • Lead the program development duties including the preparations of EOIs and proposals.
  • Support EMI’s projects in a pro-active and supportive approach that fosters team work and collective contribution; clearly establish budget and time constraints, and work with project managers for effective planning and problem solving.
  • Ensure the EMI website is current, relevant and the primary source of information and knowledge on urban and megacities DRR.
  • Be abreast of new knowledge management and ICT technology (e.g., social media) to ensure EMI remains current in the use of technology.
  • Be able to pertinently represent EMI in international forums and in global venues for urban DRR, development, and technical assistance;
  • Lead in the organization of EMI’s forums, workshops, and other professional, educational, or promotional activities, including identifying the sources for funding and opportunities for partnerships.
  • Be able to consolidate current partnerships and sources of funding, and develop new opportunities for sustainable external funding and revenue generation; lead the development of proposals for external funding.
  • Demonstrate EMI’s contribution through pertinent and effective representation, documentation, reports, flyers, brochures and presentations.
  • Build institutional knowledge and competency to enhance the technical and managerial capabilities of EMI’s staff.
  • Provide a working environment to optimize contribution from staff, consultants and partners through effective communication and planning tools, problem solving skills, foresight and judgment.
  • Lead in and contribute to building institutional knowledge and capacity in various aspects of local and global urban resilience management.
  1. DRM Project Manager/Project Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities: Upon assignment by the Executive Director or Immediate Supervisor, serve as project manager, project coordinator, or subject matter resource person to externally funded projects, with the following duties and responsibilities:
  • Perform research and specific development tasks in support of these projects including: data collection, synthesis and analysis, as well as in the development of concept notes, reports, documentation and other program deliverables;
  • Prepare and update work and financial plans; understand and ensure compliance with contractual requirements;
  • Mobilize project resources through the engagement of consultants and project staff, procurement of supplies, equipment and other materials and resources needed by the project;
  • Ensure the execution of activities as defined in the approved work and financial plans;
  • Track progress and monitor the implementation of project activities and expenditures vis-à-vis the plan;
  • Regularly update EMI management of the overall status of project implementation and performance;
  • Coordinate activities and ensure performance of members of the project team, and ensure that team members are apprised of the constraints and status of the project and its progress against stated objectives and timelines;
  • Prepare project briefings, progress and final reports, compile project documentation and turnover project documents to library/records office upon completion of project; and maintain communication with funding organizations, sponsors, and consultants.
  • Present project outputs to clients and secure output acceptance.
  1. Technical Managerial Responsibilities: The candidate shall act as the Knowledge Development and Dissemination (KDD) Manager, which includes the following duties and responsibilities:
  • Support, mentor, and supervise work assignments of Departmental staff;
  • Establish staff performance goals; manage and review staff utilization and performance with the goals of enhancing skills and improving efficiency;
  • Develop, track, update and evaluate the departmental strategic plan, budgets and work plans;
  • Participate in strategic planning meetings, managers’ meetings and performance evaluation meetings;
  • Implement corporate policies and coordinate with Admin/Finance and other managers for HR, procurement and finance matters.
  • If necessary, initiate and implement structural changes to improve efficiency and performance of Department within the context of strategic goals of the Organization.
  1. The employee shall also perform other tasks and responsibilities as required by the Executive Director and General Secretary/Treasurer.

Qualification Standards:

  1. A Master’ s Degree in public policy, social science, land use planning, engineering or a discipline relevant to urban development, urban resilience and disaster risk management;
  2. At least 5 years’ experience in disaster risk management or working with organizations involved in disaster risk management or closely related fields showing global awareness of issues and methods related to disaster risk management;
  3. A minimum of 7 years’ cumulative work experience in the public or private sector, preferably in a technical or scientific field, demonstrating continuous increase in competency and responsibility with minimal disturbance in work assignments;
  4. A minimum of two (2) years of project management and coordination experience indicating competency to manage complex projects with explicit accountability and demonstrated objective results;
  5. Demonstrated problem solving and strategic planning abilities with skills to work in a team, to eventually act as a mentor and to be able to optimize team work;
  6. Show work that demonstrates focus and dedication and work discipline driven by dedication, personal accomplishments and innovation.
  7. Ability to do independent research to bring innovative methods and technologies to improve productivity in the work environment.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION:  The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Qualified applicants are invited to send their application via e-mail at, indicating qualifications, current annual compensation and annual gross salary expectation (range).  Please download   EMI Employment Application form here. Candidates with higher level of qualifications are encouraged to apply and can be considered for a higher position.  Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview.

NOTE:  Since this is an immediate requirement, applications will be processed as received and hiring will be closed when a suitable applicantion is found.

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