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Theme(s): Urban Resilience
Type(s): Paper
Author(s): Fouad Bendimerad, Jeannette Fernandez, Marqueza Reyes, Ravi Sinha, Shirley Mattingly

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Theme(s): Disaster Risk Management, Urban Resilience
Type(s): Report
Author(s): Fouad Bendimerad

The report discusses the emerging practice of disaster risk management (DRM) in different levels of government and the need to mainstream disaster risk reduction into formal development process.

Theme(s): Others
Type(s): Others
Author(s): Disaster Management & Relief Division, Disaster Management Bureau, Ministry of Food and Disaster Management

Bangladesh Standing Orders on Disaster 2010

Theme(s): Others
Type(s): Report
Author(s): Bangladesh National Parliament

Bangladesh Disaster Management Act of 2012

Theme(s): Others, Urban Resilience
Type(s): Guidebook
Author(s): Alex H. Barbat, Bijan Khazai, Christopher G. Burton, Fouad Bendimeard, Martha- Liliana Carreño, Omar D. Cardona

This Guidebook describes the principles, tools and practices of three (3) urban disaster risk and resilience indicator systems based on EMI’s collective experience in implementing them in various urban settings in the last decade with local authorities.

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