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Our Projects

Our global DRM expertise and experience gained through our engagements with megacities and fast-growing metropolises placed us in a unique position to establish local-level partnerships. Urban governance is gaining more attention as the role of local governments and local actors is brought to the forefront. Local authorities are strategic in mobilizing untapped resources, pooling of local expertise and knowledge, and enhancing local capacities to mitigate risks from natural hazards. The involvement of local stakeholders is also recognized as a necessary driver to address urban risk.

However, capacity at the local level is critically lacking and the current level of investment is insufficient. There is a need to enhance the capacities of cities and metropolises in dealing with the uncertainty and complexity of disaster risks to livelihoods, industries, public services, and communities.

Driven by our mission, we generate and share scientific knowledge on urban DRM. Through the years, working with cities and various institutions have developed our competencies in disaster risk management planning in different projects. We have employed new and improved methodologies that are tested and proven.

Our urban resilience projects involved national and local governments and other institutions in 24 cities and 15 countries.

16 January 2015 - 15 June 2015
Location: Naga City Philippines
Sponsored by: Asian Development Bank

The project aims to strengthen access to tools and guidelines on risk-sensitive land use planning and urban development processes in the Asia-Pacific.

March 2014 - June 2015
Location: Bangladesh
Sponsored by: Government of Bangladesh, World Bank South Asia Group

Building on the outputs of Phase 1, Phase 2 provides the opportunity to put in place an initial investment plan to build DRR capacity in Bangladesh.

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