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About URMA

The global trend towards urbanization encourages cities to find answers to accommodate the growth in their populations. Therefore, such fast expansion generally increases the exposure of people and economic assets to the impacts of natural hazards. Urban Disaster Risk Management and the adoption of urban resilience system become a necessity for these cities to protect their wealth and their populations.

While technologies and processes exist for building urban resilience, knowledge and experience are lacking within local authorities. The absence of methodological approach to manage disaster risk is another factor that makes cities vulnerable. Based on our experience in implementing complex Urban DRM through actual projects with our city partners, we developed a set of Urban Resilience Management Applications. This set aims to help local governments to scale up their city’s resilience by:

The effectiveness of these applications has been proven through national and international projects that were conducted in the cities of Amman, Dhaka, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Mumbai, Pasig and Quezon City among others.


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