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EMI’s new initiative – Institute for Urban Resilience (IUR), aims to build the human resources needed to respond to the increasing threat of natural hazards on our cities and communities.

Undoubtedly, awareness to reduce the cost of disasters has increased in recent years,  however, actual investments to build disaster resilience is lacking. One of the main causes of the slow investment is the lack of competent professionals who can effectively support institutional disaster risk reduction (DRR) planning and programming. Most DRR investments go to the procurement of equipment and technology to improve response. Little has gone into projects to reduce vulnerability and risk where returns on investment are much more tangible.

Moreover, the access to comprehensive DRR training, open data sources, guidebooks, case studies and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing remains limited. There is also a significant gap in dialogue between academics and practitioners making access to expertise and knowledge difficult. Knowledge transfer and knowledge development opportunities and mechanisms remain limited and often unsustainable.

The core mission of the Institute for Urban Resilience is to focus on knowledge dissemination exploring all possible and effective human and technological means of communication. It builds on EMI’s long experience in training and capacity building by opening multiple venues for knowledge dissemination and knowledge sharing, such as webinars, discussion forums, lectures, workshops, conferences, knowledge sharing platforms, resource libraries, peer-to-peer sharing, and opportunities for dialogue and networking.

IUR intends to accomplish its goals through partnerships and networking where knowledge mechanisms and knowledge opportunities can be scaled up. Academic and research  institutions are important partners since they generate knowledge that that can help solve our problems on DRR. IUR will reach out to them and bring together other potential partners such as governments, civil society organizations, professional groups, development agencies, donors, and other stakeholders. The fundamental aim of the Institute is for everyone to contribute in the expansion of the knowledge base in urban resilience.

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